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ScoreStorybook is a development based on Estonia’s first search and information platform Inforegister.ee

ScoreStorybook is a web environment generating stories about Estonian companies and entrepreneurs using the databases created in the course of developing Inforegister and an API based on these.

Inforegister and ScoreStorybook compile their reports of information from public databases and the web, presenting information in an unambiguous and logically structured manner. In addition to loading data from sources and processing it and the databases used to store it, the necessary data management tools have also been created. Owing to years of experience developing Inforegister and API integration, we were in a unique position to take up these development tasks without delay.

X-road interfaces
API development

ID card and Mobile ID authentication
API interfaces with the Tax Board, commercial register, land register etc.

For more information:

Mark Baranin, CTO, Partner
+372 5383 8235

Jukka Halttunen, CEO, Partner
+372 5699 9871