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We kindly let you know, that regarding expanding our market, we decided to change our company name and renew our brand visuals. You will be redirected to our new web page in a moment, where you can get acquainted with Novater.

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TM Technologies is an Estonian company founded in 2018 in the business of programming.

TM Technologies software is characterised by carefully considered details and verified, reliable solutions that take customer feedback into account at every stage. The most important goal of TM Technologies is to achieve high quality results, which are ensured by the involvement of professional TM Technologies specialists.

It is important to note that each solution is tailored according to the customer’s requirements, while quality is ensured by involving specialists and the client in developing the solution. Special orders are completed by focusing on customer needs and end consumers.

Our clients include:

Government Office of Estonia (Riigikanselei), Eesti Energia AS, AS ATEA, AS PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisors, Hansab AS, Tallinna Kaubamaja Group, Selver AS, Telia AS, Telia Denmark, MITT & PERLEBACH OÜ, ABC Grupi AS (Modera Infra OÜ) Pipedrive and ABB AS