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System Integration

Increasing sales
Integrated systems have a major effect on your total turnover, especially in sales. Improving the data connection of all departments is a great way to increase the results, for two reasons:

  • Your customers – by integrating web store solutions, you can see whether everything that your customers are looking for is available for purchasing and how quickly they can obtain their products. Inaccurate data may cause chaos in your company – what products should be ordered to top up the store, what the actual demand is, etc. Systems integration makes the purchase process smooth and simple and enables even online calculation of the real price of custom-order products.
  • Your employees – customer service is one of the most important factors in the sales process. Customer service quality may turn out the factor determining the company’s success. Regular data flow enables your employees to immediately turn to all queries and to satisfy the customers’ needs. Customer service is effective because your team has ongoing access to all the information, e.g. delivery times and various prices.

Through an integrated infrastructure, we eliminate the complexity of various business processes (which often are of manual type) and applications, instead creating a simple-to-use unified environment.

Cost savings
If you decide to manage all your data and applications from a single platform (for example, ERP), your costs will significantly decrease. The typical costs of installing various systems and applications, maintaining and administrating equipment within the company are no longer an expensive hindrance for your company.

A unified system means that the company does not have to secure different systems in separate ways. A unified system reduces long-term data protection risks.

Visibility in real time
An integrated architecture enables the company to make better and more educated business decisions because it has real time access to its data.

Improving efficiency
Through an integrated and modernised environment, employees can become more efficient and productive. Through automation of the company’s ecosystem, the time spent on manual data entry can be directed to more productive tasks.

Improving employee satisfaction
It is difficult to find high-endurance people for repeated manual and monotonous data entry works where mistakes are not tolerated. An integrated system enables to automate this type of monotonous works – the employee satisfaction will improve and you will save the company’s resources in the long term.