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Roombooking is the perfect complete solution for managing and booking conference rooms and welcoming visitors. Our touchscreens provide an overview of all the company’s conference rooms and allow you to search for rooms according to specific criteria: seating capacity, technical options and any other parameter entered into the system.
RoomBooking is an integrated solution that offers a real-time overview of availability and upcoming bookings for all the conference rooms in the system. Consequently, situations where two meetings are simultaneously vying for the same conference room are avoided. The availability of rooms can be checked using the small tablet in each room, the large general screen or billboard that is also touch sensitive as well as from a personal computer or mobile telephone.

Compatibility with common systems: Exchange, Office365, Gmail,
Universal cloud solution
Conference and meeting room search by parameters
Easy room reservation

Optimal use of conference and meeting rooms
Automatic function to delete booking and release room if room is not been used
Statistics, analyzes, reports
Reduction of administrative workload
Turnkey solution (Soft&hardware,installatioon, support)

Completed projects:
Telia AS, joint ministry building (Superministry), Hansab AS, Telia Denmark, MITT & PERLEBACH OÜ, ABC Grupi AS (Modera Infra OÜ), Pipedrive

For more information:

Mark Baranin, CTO, Partner
+372 5383 8235

Jukka Halttunen, CEO, Partner
+372 5699 9871