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We prepared monitoring software for the central administration and status management of information screens at Tallinna Kaubamaja group and Selver according to the customer’s special requirements. The solution manages over 300 screens.

The software controls the automatic switching on and off of the screens, forwards an image of the screen view and filters out malfunctioning screens. The software makes it possible, for example, to switch the screens on and off, adjust audio volume, switch input, and lock the screens. Users of the monitoring environment and the automatic switching on and off of the screens are integrated with the Navor content management software.

The second part of the solution is an integration to facilitate managing the content of scales screens and checkout screens (to display information / advertisements) through the Navor content management software.

The software allows the content of information screens and the checkout and scales screens to be managed centrally.

Monitoring software development
Bizerba scales
Nixori checkouts
Samsung professional screens

Navori sisuhaldus tarkvara integratsioon
Täisteenus (Software,installation, support)
Digital signage

Completed projects:
Tallinna kaubamaja grupp AS, Selver AS 

For more information:

Mark Baranin, CTO, Partner
+372 5383 8235

Jukka Halttunen, CEO, Partner
+372 5699 9871