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We kindly let you know, that regarding expanding our market, we decided to change our company name and renew our brand visuals. You will be redirected to our new web page in a moment, where you can get acquainted with Novater.

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Full Stack Developer

Your responsibility is to stay ahead of and tame the wild beasts of modern software development products and practices. Our applications run inside Docker swarms on different scalable computing capacity providers (mainly AWS; some on Azure), are written in the languages best suited for the needs of the ongoing project (nodejs, python, .NET) and use the databases, libraries and brokers as the need arises. If you can’t stand asynchrony, still feel that dbs have to be relational and wrote your own XML parser for the last project, then there are better employers for you. Otherwise – drop us a line, we’d love to have you working with us.

We value your experience in/with:

  • NodeJS, Python, .NET
  • RabbitMQ or any other queue
  • RxJS, bacon, lell or kefir
  • Influx, elasticsearch, etc

If you have a proven track record and can work outside of normal comfort zone and deliver quality code inside the planned time frame, then missing a few of the keywords under your belt isn’t a problem. We provide a great team, good salary, nice office, interesting projects and we don’t have to listen to some investor or corporate overlord spewing out stupid ideas and unreachable objectives.

Send us your resume to jukka.halttunen@tmtechnologies.ee